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Default Re: 1980s American Cars, Guns, Gadgets and Consumer Goods [Atmosphere, look, minutiae

Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
the distinction between 'on' and 'off' road vehicles was not as pronounced in this time period, it was not uncommon to see full size sedans and station wagons pulling horse trailers and running around out in fields.
Right. One PC, Special Agent Rene Ledoux, is driving a standard FBI fleet car, which I'm assuming in his case is a 1985 Ford LTD Crown Victoria. It will not be useful in the current conditions, as it has been snowing heavily for the past 24 hours in game time.

Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
1 and 2 - Range Rovers and Suburbans come to mind. I can't think of any real specifically awesome choices for 1 or 2 though. My dads employer at that time period had a fleet of very nicely appointed Suburbans used for everything from VIP loaner cars to hauling workers to bouncing around off road at job sites. Whenever my dad got issued one it was really fun to use the car phone that was provided
Right, cool.

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3. The Isuzu Trooper was very affordable and came in a 4x4 option. My parents bought a brand new one I believe in 88
Do potato farmers, hunting/hiking/tourist guides or loggers in northern Maine buy imported cars in the 1980s?

Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
4. Your most popular economy go anywhere option is a RWD regular cab pickup, with sand or salt bags in the bed over the rear axle for improved traction. Small front wheel drive cars like Honda Civics are also popular and some people think FWD is good for snow/ice.
I found a travelogue by a New Yorker in Aroostook County that made a point of mentioning how everyone drives pick-up trucks and teens wear caps with trucking logos instead of sporting teams.

Unfortunately, it was from the 2010s, so the brands didn't match, but his grandfather had a Chevy dealership up there and it was apparently really popular.
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