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Default Re: 1980s American Cars, Guns, Gadgets and Consumer Goods [Atmosphere, look, minutiae

SUVs hadn't really quite become a marketing category in the 80s. You still had station wagons and trucks with 4-wheel drive.

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
1) What would be a 1986-1988 equivalent of a luxury Hummer civilian vehicle, i.e. something a very spoiled college boy from a rich family owns in order to drive off-road
Range Rover

2) What is a high-quality luxury SUV made before 1989 that a mature wealthy man who lives and works where he must occasionally go off-road might own? American-made by preference
Jeep Grand Cherokee

3) What are some popular four-wheel drive vehicles within a comfortable middle-class budget in the period?
Chevy Suburban, Ford Bronco (go OJ!)

9) What are nice complicated 80s gadgets for a young female FBI agent from California to own in order to characterise her as 'modern', 'rich' and lacking in real-world experience?
An Apple Lisa. A synthesizer (Yamaha, Roland, Korg). A cellphone, e.g. Motorola DynaTAC 8000X (likely especially useless in rural Maine). Sony Watchman (Walkman is too plebian; everybody has those.)

12) Are the PCs more likely to find Coke or Pepsi for sale in diners and gas stations?
Pepsi. Coke's always been strongest across the south. Also of note, the 1980s saw the introduction of the "Pepsi Challenge" ad campaign.

And 1985 was the disastrous introduction of "New Coke". (A few months later, they were selling "Coke Classic" to stave off the mobs, but the new formula remained "Coca-Cola" until 1992.) Characters that like soda might well have strong opinions on the matter.

13) Are there any types of candy, delicacies, soft drink, bubblegum, cigarettes or other consumer goods that are characteric of 1980s America,
Most of the ones that come to my mind aren't very "adult". Skittles were new in the 1980s. They also had ads in a style that I referred to as "New Wave", which had a characteristic look with a lot of solid areas and costumes in bright primary colors. (Not so unusual in an ad for brightly-colored candy, but that that style was used in a lot of products at the time. To me, it's characteristic of the era. See also the Swatch watches.)

15) What are the popular local beers?
The craft beer / microbrew trend hadn't taken off in the 1980s. That was more mid-90s. Something from a small brewery would be even more a mark of a hipster than it is today.

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