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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Originally Posted by tbrock1031 View Post
Favorite R5 in any game I've been in, though, was R5-B8, who started as a nanny droid and hence a garish neon pink paint scheme with bright green and orange highlights. Bait thought she was an R2 unit, too, given how she acted, cheerfully whistling in the middle of firefights. The party never did figure out she was the Imperial spy in their midst, but even Bait didn't know she was!
Arby is R5-B6.

I took MonkeyFist to FNM. After coming out of the nap room (the FLGS has a nice, dark room with a couch—I take naps in there) MonkeyFist and a couple of other players are talking about the latest set’s story.

Player 1: (Talks about one of the Elder Gods being killed.)
MonkeyFist: “That’s Bull.”
Player 2: “Yeah, they just team up and beat it.”
Player 1: (Goes into detail about trapping and destroying the God.)
Me: “Wait, so they just—‘By our powers’ combined!’ and Captain Planet’d it?”
Player 2: “No, there were only four of them.”
Me: “Well, that’s because Heart is the crappy power and they didn’t need it.”
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