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Q: Chameleon (and Silence) seems overpriced compared to a Racial Skill Bonus . . .
A: Well, there's this old PM exchange with Kromm:
Originally Posted by Molokh
Also, your mention of partial Invisibility hints (as far as I understand) that Chameleon should plain penalize all vision-related action by the enemy [as opposed to providing a Stealth bonus]. Should Dynamic Chameleon give a penalty to hit, like Blur [even in the middle of combat]?
Originally Posted by Kromm
Yes. If your enemy can only see part of you, because other parts look like the wall, floor, bushes, etc., then it makes no sense that he would have no trouble hitting you.
Yes, the answer is fuzzy. But it is reason enough for GMs to houserule the change from providing a Stealth bonus, to providing a Vision penalty instead (which can be used even in combat with Dynamic).
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