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Default Re: [Sorcery] Post Your Spells Here

Spider Pustule

Keywords: Resisted (Will)
Full Cost: 37 points
Casting Roll: Will
Range: Touch
Duration: 2d days

Okay, I may need some help with this.

The caster touches the subject and after 2d hours, 1d pustules appear on his face. The pustules appear benign, although they are large and blue-black. They swell for 2d days, becoming as large as hen's eggs, to finally burst, causing 1 point of toxic damage per pustule (DR does not protect). A large, non-venomous spider crawls out of each pustule. This will cause a Fright Check. Lancing the boils before they burst causes 1 point of toxic damage, but kills the spiders before they can hatch. The scars lowers the character's appearance by 1 step until the damage heals.

Statistics: Affliction (Grant Disadvantage, lowered appearance, +8%; Linked, +10%; Extended Duration, Permanent, +150%; Onset, 1 week, -40%; Sorcery, -15%; Touch, -20%) [20] + Innate Attack, Toxic (1d; Link, +10%; Malediction 1, +100%; Onset, 1 week, -40%; Sorcery, -15%; Touch, -20%) [6] + Terror 1 (Link, +10%; Onset, 1 week, -40%; Sorcery, -15%; Touch, -20%) [11]. The cost for the Affliction is based on the maximum points needed to drop a person from one appearance level to the next.
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