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Default Re: Purchasing Magery Variation [Thaumotology/RPM]

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
I assumed it would be permanent. You give up a point of ST or HT and get a level of Magery in exchange. Permanently.
Is there anything to actually stop the mage from just buying up ST with earned character points in the future though? You're still getting a free swap out of the mix, which is of benefit as they're probably learning Magery at a time they value it more highly than their ST.

For example, let's say I wanted Warp [100] because I'm trapped in a room with a bomb that's about to explode. If I could just trade DX 5 (at [20] per point) to get that ability, that's just of net benefit to me, and I could always buy back that DX later on with character points I'll earn in the future due to not having died.

It seems like there should be some kind of net loss to this kind of exchange. Or some kind of uncertainty about it, like maybe there's a chance of permanently sacrificing that ST but not getting Magery, or getting a limited version of it worth less than the ST you spent?

What if instead, the GM allowed some kind of "Using Abilities at Default" rules for temporarily getting Magery, but you could supplement your FP with Corruption (which could reduce your ST if it gets too high) and you could use future character points to permanently buy magery once you've used it enough times, like how you can buy skills you use at default.
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