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Well, at first glance they're not much different from your typical D&D style Elves. They're slender, graceful and pretty, live in unison with nature, and have ancient magical knowledge.

The details, however, are were things get a bit different. For one, the Elves don't really have any kingdom of sorts, because at this point they mostly congregate in small tribes of 20 to 100. Mind you, this can be changed in your game if you choose. I definitely plan on doing so if I run a Banestorm game.

The second biggest difference is the Dark Elves. See, in Banestorm, they're not a separate race of dark-skinned, spider-worshipping matriarchical underdweller elves. They're outwardly indistinguishable from regular Elves, but are a completely different faction and culture, who call themselves the Defenders, or the Purifiers. That second name alone should worry you. They have a core philosophy of genocidal xenophobia, first against orcs, and second against anyone that's not an elf. They're the ones responsible for the Banestorm in the first place, although that was an accident.

There's also Sea Elves, who have lived in scattered undersea villages at Tech Level 1, since the Banestorm devestated all their great underwater cities.
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