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Default Re: Parrying weapons with Karate/Judo

Originally Posted by Kalzazz View Post
However, I find the idea that when an unarmed attack gets parried that its the limb rather than the extremity that takes the hit is very unworking feeling to me. I want people to wear gauntlets not sleeves etc. And I think a horses hooves should protect it somewhat against its hoof strikes being parried.

Parrying with the arm makes sense, but, you usually try to hit someone with the fist rather than the forearm, so this seems a more proper place to get hit.
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Originally Posted by Gollum View Post
Having said that, Basic Set, page 377, is more precise:
"A failed parry means you are hit. If you are using hit locations, a failed parry against a weapon means your attacker may choose to hit his original target or the arm you parried with!"
I think that the author of this rule learned martial arts and know that karate parries (age-uke, shudan-uke, gedan-uke, ko-uke, skui-uke, harai-uke, hura-uke, tomoe-uke, and so on) are done with the arm or the wrist and not the hand. The hand is usually used immediately after the parry to grapple the foe's weapon arm.
. . . and point out that this seems to work both ways:
E.g. a cleanly executed age uke seems to cause a fore-arm-on-forearm contact; a badly executed one results in a hand-on-forearm contact, i.e. getting hit in your forearm with the enemy fist instead of parrying it.
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