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Default Re: [MA] Silent Sentry Removal

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
Yup. And if you're choking him, he gets quite a few seconds to try that breaking free. The AoA (Double) approach has the advantage of possibly stunning him or even putting him on negative hits in the initial attack, and being likely to do so on the second stab, in the next turn. Edit: He's also on a shock penalty for his attempt to break free.
Speaking of stunning, Surprise and Mental Stun are quite relevant:
Someone totally unprepared for combat will be in Total Surprise.
Someone on an actual patrol will probably fall under Partial Surprise, thus being Mentally Stunned at the moment of the attack, and rolling IQ each turn afterwards.
A combat veteran with Combat Reflexes will certainly not be Totally Surprised, and is unlikely to stay Mentally Stunned for more than the first turn.

Still, that extra -4 for Mental Stun might provide a good opportunity for another AoA with a (soft, quiet) Takedown without a meaningful risk of retaliation. Either that, or going a safe AoA to do more damage with the choke.
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