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Default Re: How do Cabal and the Madness Dossier fit in to the Infinite Worlds setting?

Originally Posted by Perfect Organism
Also, does anyone understand the bit in Iotha's character story (page 316) about the City of the Wall (is that Berlin?) and the 'grey men' (is the reference to them making rifles on the moon meant to be taken literally?)
Sir Pudding has already answered your other questions with admirable direction, so I'll just toss this answer off to complete the set. When writing that story, I intended the City of the Wall to be a relatively clear reference to Berlin, and the grey men on the moon to refer less clearly to a Soviet moon base in an alternate Cold War setting. I deliberately left it opaque first because I wanted to keep the fantasy-ish sound of things, and second, because I liked the uncertainty of whether the "grey men" were Soviets or Greys.
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