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Default Re: Different critical spell failure tables

Originally Posted by Peter Knutsen View Post
I'd actually like to hear some observations from people who have played campaigns based on GURPS Magic. E.g. dungeon Fantasy campaigns.

Bruno? Others?
The GURPS Banestorm game where I started them in Caithness and Bleaktea wanted to play a wizard anyways saw spell related critical failures, but it was more often Bleaktea dropping lightning bolts and explosive lightning bolts on his foot than a spell imploding.

There was a spectacular critical failure on Stop Bleeding which has established the local precedent that a critically failed Stop Bleeding used on a Mortally Wounded character acts as "Finish Bleeding" instead... I've since seen that critically fail mmm, another three times I think. We've actually only seen the spell succeed once, it's just got a really bad track record for no good reason.

An evil cultist using black magic critically failed on a (pretty large) spell against the players in one game, and (rolling on the black magic crit fails table) created a swarm of angry rats in his viscera. That didn't go well for him.

I didn't play a spellcaster in mlangsdorfs games (technically my bard knew spells but they weren't cast much); other than the Finish Bleeding incidents, I'm not remembering any PC critical failures, but that may be because I wasn't casting, or it may be because Harald387 had a 19 or 20 on all of his nymphs spells and she was a primary spellcaster so I remember her spellcasting the most.

There was a few critical successes, the one that sticks out in my mind was the Frostbite spell that got upgraded to Flesh to Ice.
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