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Default Re: Modern (Action!, Cliffhangers, ___ Ops) Weirdness?

Originally Posted by macphersonrants View Post
My current idea is to try to wed s

What I feel like I need to work on is a coherent cosmology to base my monsters on.
I don't know that you need to develop any kind of cosmology (I usually don't). Its more fun as a GM to be able to incorporate what is interesting and fun as needed.

That said developing a framework (or schema) is helpful. For example: Von Danikanism is true (ancient aliens) or that the ancients did create wondrous technologies (Tesla was right and he was an ancient Egyptian!) and/or powerful psionics (see the retconned Lensman stuff (I think it's in Triplanetary or First Lensman) with a breeding Eugenics program.....

Other cool pulpy ideas (as referenced previously) include Mad scientists creating undead or inter-dimensional portals creating "science based" horrors and demons that would be at home in traditional fantasy (liches, techno vampire (see *Peeps*), etc...) are also cool. The source material is rich and diverse.

As you can probably tell I'm actually rather agnostic about wierdness in any rpg setting as long as its fun for the GM and the PCs. What I would probably do is create a (very) rough idea (not something worthy of the title outline) of how things work and then tell the players that it was a "Black Ops"/Covert Ops Game, or a police procedural/investigator game and then let the wierdness begin. I would probably *suggest* that Occult (and related skills, advantages, disadvantages) would be a very good idea but things like *Illuminated* are out of bounds.

Just off the top of my head (with a double martini :))
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