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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Originally Posted by andreww View Post
I thought pole weapons were working, except against summoned creatures and illusions. What were the conditions under which the pole weapons didn't get their advantage? You do need it against bears.
I've just rerun a different encounter with the same result, and in detail:
It's "Bass" (created figure, 2-hand spear + bow) vs Quick Rat and Clumsy Rat
turn 1
10 yards apart
Bass holds; rats close to 6 yards
turn 2
Bass moves 1 yard backwards
rats close to 3 yards
turn 3
rats engage
Bass holds
quick rat hits and does 1 pt damage
Bass attacks at "-2 DX due to previous injury" -- (is this a bug? Only 1 damage was done?)
Bass hits, 1d+1 for 3 total damage (no extra die), Quick Rat is dead
However, no +2 DX set against charge, pole weapon went second, and no extra damage
turn 4
Bass disengages
turn 5
Bass moves 10 hexes backward
Clumsy Rat closes to 8 yards
turn 6
Clumsy Rat close to 4 yards
Bass takes 3 steps forward and attacks. Now gets option of "Pole Weapon First Attack". In this case everything looks right: attack first and with extra damage

So the problem might be about pole weapon figure receiving a charge attack rather than initiating.
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