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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
All page references to the recent Wizard Spell Reference Booklet.pdf unless noted.

Magic Fist(p1) Given that the maximum possible MF is 3dice minus 12 you need to roll 18 in order to trip, correct?
Suggestion: If any one of the damage dice rolls a six before adjustments
I'm sorry but where does it say that 3ST is MAX dmg for Magic Fist? Here is the section from the Wizard Spell reference:

Magic Fist (M): A telekinetic blow. Does 1d-2 damage for every ST point used to cast it but never less damage than the ST used. Can also trigger traps or carry out other unsubtle manipulations within line of sight. A Magic Fist that does 6 or more hits before armor/shield protection will also trip its target, making him/her fall down, unless he/she makes a 3-die roll on ST or DX, whichever is higher. See the Trip spell.

You can put as many ST into MF as you want, rolling a number of die equal to the ST put in and subtracting 2 from each die with a minimum of 1 pt dmg per die (new rules)
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