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Default Re: [GAME] Conceive a Cross Dimensional Fantasy Milieu

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Question 5:
How does gravity work on Calledron? (and by extension Fragment
Answer 5 - Gravity
Gravity is a repulsive force acting radially away from the sun, with a strength proportional to proximity to it. The material of titanic Bone appears to have some countering force attracting it to other Bone and perhaps to the sun, as suggested by the arrangement of fragments.

Thus, if flight between fragments is considered, flying through an outward-curving trajectory would be easier. And if it's possible to mine or work Bone, it might be used for anchors or ballast.

For inhabitants of Calledron and similar fragments, gravity is experienced as a fairly uniform 1G, and the sun is always directly above.

(Does this cause too much weirdness?)

Like with the Megacorp thread, how about we considered separate tagged streams of questions, one focusing on Fragment [FRG], the other on portals and the multiverse [MV]?

We have a couple standing for the realm of Fragment, so I'll just add:

Question 7 - [MV] Problem species
What species traveling the portals of the multiverse causes trouble for other wayfarers?
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