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Ice Weasel Heeler

Some Ice Weasels are more ... ice weaselly than others. They may a little more clever. They may be a little more graceful. They harbor a hypertrophied adrenal gland and an unholy fondness for the tasty tasty tendons of delvers.

These ice weasel "heelers," as they are known, are experts at ambush and heel chomping. Amateur ice weasels chomp feet. Poseur ice weasels sever achilles tendons. Heelers steal them.

Treat as ice weasels with the following differences:
  • Ditch Wild Animal (you may replace it with Kleptomania (tendons) if you are so inclined)
  • Increase DX to 17, IQ to 10, and PER to 15. (This gives +4 to listed combat skills, increases move to 7, and dodge to 10.)
  • Increase stealth to 22. Add Traps at 14 and lock picking (using clever weasel claws) at 17, just because. Acrobatics at 15 for acrobatic dodges.
  • Add expert backstabbing 10. With stealth 22 and the ability to hide in your boot, they will probably ambush you.
  • For backstabbing the chomp is 1d+5(3) cut. Heelers will preferentially go for the foot hit location, all out attacking for an extra +2 damage if the situation calls for it. If they manage to dismember the foot, and they have good odds at that damage, assume they have stolen the achilles tendon. This has no game mechanical effect outside of the usual, but they are very very smug about it.
  • Once a target falls down due to chronic tendon shortage, a heeler will usually move on to another target. If there are no upright targets left, however, hands and necks are good backup sources of tendony snacks.

Nipper, Toebiter, Shoewrecker, and the other heelers are not as glamorous as Inge and her shield maiden compatriots, but they serve the same purpose in ice weasel society - they bring giant unweaselly predators to the ground, where their less talented compatriots can deal with them more easily.

And don't worry about those tendons - you probably didn't need them anyway.

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