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Default Re: Sympathy for the Weasel

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
I believe that playable ice weasels are a basic right for gamers.
It seems that ice weasel PCs might be a thing folks want.

It seems generally doable, using the familiar template in GURPS DF 5, but I see some issues with the trademark weasel chomp is hard to port in unless you make it a fixed damage attack. If you do pull it in this way it is pretty weak sauce for a DF delver at 26 pts. Making it a more generalized and simpler ability is warranted IMHO - removing it would of course be wrong.

I'd prefer something along the lines I put in "Weasel Adrenaline Overdrive" for the shield maidens (maybe minus the generalized armor divisor - seems like it's asking for trouble), so +2 damage to most attacks, +4 damage to bite attacks, for 1 FP.

Then make the AD(3) and freezing for chomp apply generally to bites since 1d-4(3) isn't scary and it greatly simplifies things.

However, built this way we are talking even more than that 26 points, just for the striking ST. Any clever thoughts?
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