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Default Welcome to the Ponyplex (Setting Sketch)

Last night I ran a quick one-shot for a subset of my GURPS group, as the GM of our current campaign was out of town. I made a hand out, and realized instead of just deleting it now that we're done I should share:
Welcome to the Ponyplex

The year is 2035. As Equestria enters the 11th year of Princess Ivankia’s third term as monarch, the ponies are in foment. MegaCorps own almost everything except the actual Ponies, and they’re working on that. The divide between the ponycracy and the drones is gapes even larger than gap between the drones and the rabble. Pro-Ivankia and pro-Corp propaganda fills the Net, the airwaves, and every vertical surface that holds still long enough. The triple Ps turn out in force to suppress protest and arrest “agitators” even as crime in the foalvalas has become so ignored and so organized as to be almost a third form of government. Stuff is clopped up. Equestria cries for heroes.

You are not them. You are shadygallopers, folks who do dubiously legal and highly deniable missions for the ponycrats in exchange for large wads of hay. Tonight you are going to break into Mirrortree Tower, the blasglass and alloy factorcology of KeeblerCorp, and investigate the covert bioweapon program “Azure Thunder” that Nekko NLC fears they are running in the subsurface “root” levels. Information is good. Sabotage is better. Bring the bioweapon back to NekkoNLC for enough sweet sweet hay to live the rest of your life like a Ponycrat.

Game on.

Blasglass – armored glass
Clop, Clopped, etc – Pony slang for “frak”
Drones – folks who work for corps, actual robots are called “robots.” Tend to high loyalty for … reasons.
Equestria – The country the Ponyplex is in
Factorcology – Factory/arcology – a company town in a skyscraper.
Foalvala – a slum.
Hay – Legal money is digital and traceable. This is not and is not. Various forms.
Ivankia – Leader of Equestria. Widely loved for … reasons.
Keebler – Drone that works for Keebler Corp.
NLC – Non-liable Corporation. These days, just means corporation.
PonyCrats – The aristocrats! Owns a corp or large parts of one.
Ponyplex – a giant sprawl of a city.
Ponypopo/PPP/Triple Ps – the cops.
Rabble – folks who neither own nor work for corps. Always hustlin’.
Shadygallop – doing dubiously legal and highly deniable missions for ponycrats in exchange for large wads of hay

PCs were Prancerfaust (power armor brick) and Blood Spatter (Dexter as a pega-cyber-samauri) backed up by NPC Cable Jack (the hacker - her player had to work late.) They succeeded in getting a sample of the Nanotech Cookiemonstershoggoth from the basement and earned a lot of sweet sweet hay.
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