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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week (#39): Daredevil, Luck, Super Luck

I find luck much less cinematic than an attribute of say 17 or a countless other traits in Gurps that are not flagged as anything special.

I have definitely met people in real life that are lucky or have serendipity. They are not Gladstone Gander level of luckiness but they definitely have a lot of lucky things happen. Also there are people that just do not seemingly critically fail (and others that critically fail a lot despite being very competent)

A good example is a cousin of mine who among other things have won several times medium sums in the lotteries(10 000 eur or more at least twice and smaller sums a lot), granted he spends about 100/week on lotteries, but he is still way ahead every year not only when he won the larger sums. He has also won at least an about 30 000 euro boat, more than 10 trips and lot more from things like grocery store lotteries and similar. Then he has had events like the company he was working on wanted to reduce people from the group he worked at and were offering voluntary redundancy packages and were going to then fire people if they did not get enough volunteers and two days before the announcement he had received a call from a headhunter and in the end he ended up with the voluntary redundancy package and a new job that paid more. He also managed to buy his current house at less than 2/3 market value due to finding someone who really needed to sell right then. And so on, there are many more such events in his life.
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