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Default Re: Weapon Bond affects what skills

Originally Posted by roguebfl View Post
Like Weapon Master it effects every skill used wither thats specific weapon.

Weapon Bond (Bastard sword "reaver")

It would help you with Two Handed Sword, and Broadsword, and Fast Draw(Two handed sword) whenever you use those skills with the bastard sword named reaver.
I would add Brawling for pommel-strikes to the mix as well.

Originally Posted by CoyoteGestalt View Post
I've wondered in the past if it should affect Armoury rolls on the weapon (which doesn't come up much for swords, but possibly for modifying a Bonded firearm or beam weapon), assuming the owner with the perk is the one doing the work.
Absolutely, in my opinion. If you regularly do maintenance on that specific weapon then it makes a lot of sense that you're more comfortable working with it than with other weapons.
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