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Default Phones

It seems minor, but... do phones work? Are they smaller yet more advanced? Does the whole phone fit in the bluetooth earbud and do everything via voice command? Do they only work around towns/cities because it's still too unsafe to maintain cell towers in the wasteland? Or has the world reverted to chunky satellite phones? (Not that anybody necessarily maintains satellites...) Or is an LD Radio seriously your only option?

Smartphones outsell dumb phones worldwide in 2013 (and first did in the US in 2011 --

Edit: CWC 2.5: Portable Earth Station: "When deployed, it automatically tracks the best available satellite for world-wide voice and data communications." Computer Navigator: "It ties into the satellite network and local transponders to determine exact positions." Obviously that suggests satellites are still operational. Though if we fast-forward from the 80s to today, I'm not sure whether we'd say the cell net is still operational because you can maintain it without spaceflight, or the satellites are still operational because nobody can vandalize them.

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