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Default Re: Do the Archery rules cover this?

The bow he used and the draw he used was quite common for short bows, where the draw was to the chest. Once the Welsh longbow became common in military use the short bow was discarded becasue it was no longer good enough.
The longbow has been used in Europe since the Mesolithic period with little change. It is likely that the average draw-weight of 14th C English warbows were a little heavier than 11th century Welsh bows but not by much. The only major change was how they were deployed. Many more archers were used and new tactics were adopted to maximise their effectiveness.

A memory from reading about medieval warfare is that the English archers would fire their first shot in an arc and their second shot straight on so that it arrived at the same time, meaning that the active defense counted only against one or the other.
Sounds like a myth to me. Volley shooting makes no sense when the enemy is close enough for direct shots - unless you can convince them to stand still and wait for the arrows to fall on them.
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