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Default Re: Creating "nukes" with the Blast spell?

It's a cute idea and I don't see a way to plug the holes. I don't find the argument that "the spell would say that" to be convincing. "When the arrow hits" is a perfectly valid condition. But let's say that you overrule arrows that explode when they hit. That's really just kicking the can down the street a little.

Next, make a two-part version, 1) fill a petard shell with gravel, each stone with a blast spell on it that all trigger when the stone marked "boom" you throw later strikes the ground...

I don't think it's possible to patch all the paths for this one through "reasonable interpretation". It's a low-cost, conditional enchantment that has a ton of freedom.

TFT is just very vulnerable to Mr Welch. Check out the discussion here on implicit detection magic for more info about abusing TFT magic...
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