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Default Re: Translating the concept of HP from D&D (and the like) to GURPS

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The main problem with that explanation is it makes the base skill level of low level D&D character even more pathetic by GURPS standards.
Does it, though? Avoiding armor (since that functions differently in the two games), and staying with average characters at first level (so the abstract HP doesnít rear its ugly head too much), a first level DnD Warrior with 10ís in all attributes has a 55% chance (roll a 9 or higher on d20) to hit his twin. With 3 seconds of Evaluate and an attack, if we assume his GURPS equivalent has a professional level (12) at hitting things, heís rolling against effective skill 15, for a 95% chance to hit. His twin, meanwhile, can Parry at 9, or do a Retreating Parry at 10 (or Retreating Dodge at 11), for a 37.5%, 50%, or 62.5% chance to defend. That works out to around a 59%, 48%, or 36% probability of actually hitting, respectively, implying the idea of a level 1 warrior having skill 12 in GURPS isnít terribly far off (and considering he has this level of skill in nearly every weapon skill - absent certain Feats, a DnD warrior is equally proficient in basically all non-exotic weapons - thatís actually somewhat impressive).
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