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Default Re: Competitive deck builds?

I have some more deck builds, complete with whimsical names:

Thief - Toe-riffic Roll deck:
Honest Al's Casino
Repeat Offender x3
RNGesus x3
Monte 3-Cards
Perret x2
Even Steven
Long Shot
High Roller x2
Liar's Dice x2
Lucky Giant's Toe x3
Gambeson of Gambling x3
Contingency Plank x2
Scepter of Schadenfreude x2
Platinum Lockpicks
Nope! x3
Amscray x2
Up My Sleeve x2
Skewer x3

Wizard - Do You Want Fries With That deck
Combo Rat x3
Used Card Dealer
Hillbilly Ogre
Ferrous Oxide Monster
Trash Panda
Rod of Owies
Magic Missile x2
Hot Potato x3
Me Too Medallion
Silver Bullet
Big Baby Bandage
Scepter of Schadenfreude x2
Flaming Armor
Curse of Quack x3
Zorch! x2
Upgradde! x2
Kaboom! x2
Crash and Burn x2
Blood Geyser x2
Forked x2

Ranger - Experimental Monsterless* Deck (*There is one monster)
Elf Commune
Potted Plant x2
Sword Caddy
Beagle Scout x3
Stumpy x2
Dumpster of Doom
Bull Whip x3
Cattle Prod x2
Mr. Wuffles
Bow of Called Shots
Hammer Time
Me Too Medallion
Purple Lootus
Biodegradable Armor
Big Baby Bandage
Silver Bullet x2
Doge! x3
Compost x3
Ooh, Shiny! x3
Pole Cat x2
Beast Mode!
Nature's Call

Cleric - Where the Hell Are We? deck
Inn of Improbable Rooms
The Plains of Pain
Dungeon of Dragons
Goldman Stacks
The Just Desert
Wight Bros. Dungeon
Cowardly Canyon
House of Indulgences
School of Badassery
Tax Heaven
Flaming Foyer
Dr. Meow Practice x2
Barbarian the Librarian
Holey Ghost x2
Bluebirds of Bitterness
Used Card Dealer
Plutonium Dragon
Suction Cup
Book of Axe
Holier Symbol x2
Manual of Health
House Hunting x3
Boop x2
Smite Unseen x3
The Tithes Have Turned
Healing Salvo x3
Alms for the Poor
Nun Slap! x2
-Brandon Murphy
MiB 0787

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