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Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
With ATR 4, you can do easily do All-Out Attack (Determined) and move up to your foe, All-Out Attack (Determined) and move to his front right, All-Out Attack (Determined) and move to his right flank, All-Out Attack (Determined), and All-Out Defense (Dodge) and take two steps away from him. Your opponent needs to make 4 defense rolls, 2 of which are at -2 and two of which are at -4 (and in low-tech melee combat, deny him the use of his shield). For most people, that's their two best defenses and then two Dodges at pretty severe penalties, or multiple parries at -2 each. More levels of ATR just make the situation worse for the defender, with even more attacks coming in.

I think the extra advantage for the attacker with higher levels of ATR are already built into the system.
Someone with ATR 4 can do that, yet he would be no better at defending than a normal person who takes All-Out Defense (and that remains true if all he does is taking All-Out Defense). All of the extra advantages are definitely not already built into ATR. ATR just makes him able to do more things, some of which may be focused on attack or defense.

This can clearest be seen by looking at really high levels of ATR. Eventually you get to the point where the opponents almost wouldn't move at all in comparison, then it is obviously completely trival to dodge pretty much any attack from a normal person even if you don't move out of the attacker's range.

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OP can correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me that he is asking what a realistic bonus would be rather than suggesting it should be included free of charge with ATR.
That is correct.
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