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Default Re: Defense bonus and ATR

With ATR 4, you can do easily do All-Out Attack (Determined) and move up to your foe, All-Out Attack (Determined) and move to his front right, All-Out Attack (Determined) and move to his right flank, All-Out Attack (Determined), and All-Out Defense (Dodge) and take two steps away from him. Your opponent needs to make 4 defense rolls, 2 of which are at -2 and two of which are at -4 (and in low-tech melee combat, deny him the use of his shield). For most people, that's their two best defenses and then two Dodges at pretty severe penalties, or multiple parries at -2 each. More levels of ATR just make the situation worse for the defender, with even more attacks coming in.

I think the extra advantage for the attacker with higher levels of ATR are already built into the system.
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