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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Originally Posted by andreww View Post
Hmmm. The only wizard currently using the sleep spell is not actually in the game. I really want to include that wizard, but haven't had time to finish coding him. So that wizard should not appear. I have fixed the continue button so that it will work, but how did you ever encounter that wizard? In the arena or the adventure? I think your random number generator did a weird, weird thing.

So thanks for pointing out the problem with the continue button, and congratulations on encountering that wizard. No one else has seen him yet, though hopefully they'll make it into the product at some point.
If I go far enough I run into "sleep wizard" and pretty much everytime he puts me to sleep. Then a black background with red lettering appears that says:

"You are overcome by profound sleepiness.

And wizards carry daggers".

and then the Continue button that does not work.
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