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Default Re: [GURPS Spaceships] Possible errata

*puts Errata Coordinator hat on*

This is just a reminder that if you'd like to report a piece of errata, the fastest way to get it actually put on the official errata page for a product is to send it to From there, I can check against what's already been reported and approved or disproved, get an official answer, and post it for everyone to see.

If you're not sure if something is actually errata, or you just have a general rules question, the forums are always a great place to ask. But I don't follow the forums closely enough to pick errata out of threads, and I'm usually not wearing this hat while I'm reading the forums anyway.

*takes Errata Coordinator hat off*

That being said, I need to get back to sorting through errata that has been sent in so that I can finish work and get back to making spaceships for my next space campaign.
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