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Default Re: [LT] Monstrous Bow SM+3

Okay, I got me a Deadly Spring spreadsheet from our GM, it was super-useful. It turns out the bow Bruno made was dead-on, though I opted for something a bit lighter (I can only affect 90 lb. with my Control Metal, so it had to be lighter than that).

Damage 6d+1(2) imp; Acc 3; Range 300/406; Weight 53.1/1.25; RoF 1; Shots 1(3); ST 35; Bulk -10.

Bow Length 120 in. (100% working); Draw Weight 612 lb.; Draw Length 60 in.; TL4 Steel; Recurved; Rectangular Shape (n=4, thickness 0.64 x 2.5 in.); Deflection 21 in. (18%); String Loops 2.4; Stored Energy 2385 J; Efficiency 62.5%; Delivered Energy 1493 J; Arrow Velocity 80 m/s. Alternatively, half-pound arrows (Damage 5d(2) imp; Acc 4; Range 300/651; Efficiency 40%; Delivered Energy 957 J; Arrow Velocity 100 m/s) could be used for long-range sharpshooting.

Carrying this thing around really isn't that much of an issue - this is purely a big-monster-hunting tool. I don't plan to use it in your typical brawl (wouldn't fit in any human-sized room anyway). When not in use, we'll keep it in our cart.

Since the projectiles are still less than a kilo in weight, I don't think it would use Cannon, but I'll check with my GM first.

Thanks, everyone!
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