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Default Re: [LT] Monstrous Bow SM+3

Anyway, compare the energy and the mass vs. ballistic projectiles, and see if it's really insane, or just mildly insane. I seem to recall that a ST 35 bow can deliver nearly as much energy as an M16 (5d), though the projectile was a lot larger (should lower damage) but a lot longer and heavier (tends to penetrate better due to momentum/collision effects).[/QUOTE]

When I've compared velocity v. mass in bullets v. arrows (in straight Gurps) I've found pretty reasonable comaprisons as long as you keep arrow mass within a the range of aboyt the 15 grains per lb of pull figure I saw online for modern hunting arrows.

By the time you get an arrow that does damage like a 5.56 it should be about 100x as heavy (i.e. near a lb or 7000 grains) . !00x mass largely compensates for only 1/10 as fast even when V is being squared.
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