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Default Re: World War One Psychics [Powers]

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
First, they would have spent the money on psychics instead of on their useless dreadnoughts (the Austrian-Hungarian dreadnoughts were completely useless).
Did the Austro-Hungarians have precognitives early on?

It was not obvious before WWI that their dreadnaughts would not be very useful. That turned out to be the case because Italy was at first neutral, then joined the Allied side. Since Italy was a member of the Triple Alliance, the Austro-Hungarians seem to have expected Italy to join with them, in which case their ships would have had access to the main basins of the Mediterranean, and could have been effective. Had the A-H empire consulted with Italy over their steps against Serbia, they might well have been able to keep the Triple Alliance together.
Second, they would have been mocked by the rest of the Great Powers for investing in superstition because of the subtle nature of the powers.
All of them, for decades? Once it became clear that the program was continuing, some other powers would have probably taken a harder look, in secret. Unless, of course, the Austro-Hungarians have psychic influence being used against that.
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