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Default Re: The Immovable Foundation-Stone on which TFT Characters are Built

Originally Posted by vitruvian View Post
ITL is part of TFT as well, so it's not always 24 or 32.
That is actually the point. As a TFT figure is not static, but dynamic - after acquiring EP and thereby increasing the value of a given attribute. In order to properly channel the expression of the root-power in back of a figure THROUGH the channels we call Attribute, we must understand the specific mathematical relations from a commutative, associative, and distributive perspective.

For if not, we will continue to suffer break-down in the form of distortion (i.e. Conan-the-Scholar) at the higher-levels.

The key is in the revelation that the attribute itself is NOT the source of the power over the trait it governs, but rather, attribute is only a CHANNEL for the root-power to manifest as a specific trait - which in turn only serves to describe and put a mathematical value on the root-power when channeled through attribute to an end source for expression in game-terms (i.e. Power in Combat as ST).

Your da Vinci Avatar and Member Name has caused me to undertake an even deeper pondering on the matter since your first post to me - and acted as a catalyst.

Therefore, I am in-process of composing a completely "non-math" oriented treatise; in which I will attempt to convey - through purely narrative means - the reason why we can never satisfactorily solve for Conan-the-Scholar, unless and until we can first define the underline algebraic premise - which may then reveal the proper routing algorithm for a TFT figure - without a total game-system overhaul... and maybe finally solve for Conan-the-Scholar; AT LAST!

The piece is to be entitled:The Vitruvian Melee Man. I thank you for your interest in my post, as your interaction has served as a potent catalyst in advancing my hypothesis.

I hope you will stand-by for the piece in the interim; and then, join me therein with your most welcome comments and criticisms at that time.



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