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Default Winchester Model 54 Trivia

Discovered something about the Win Mod 54 that doesn't seem to be mentioned in Pulp Guns Vol. 2.

It's got a clip guide!

I took a picture:

This led me to dig around in some gun forums to discover that the clip guide was on all Model 54's except the .22 Hornet and .30-30 guns.

This, it would seem, should change the Shots to 5+1(3) when using the clips. Since most of the rounds listed in the description share the same head dimensions, standard Springfield M1903 .30-06 clips should work for them. In fact, that's an M1903 clip and .30-06 in that linked picture.

.270 fits in the clips and will feed into the magazine (and the chamber!) but I think accuracy and velocity would be adversely affected by the .308 bore...
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