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Default Re: Dodging while being levitated by Telekinesis?

Originally Posted by Kil0v0lt View Post
Quick question:

With regards to telekinetic grappling and the rule of 16, there are occasional quick contests of strength, like when the opponent attempts to break free. Which, then ends up being TK level vs. your opponents ST. Can the rule of 16 be applied to this quick contest, given that it isn't a skill based quick contest, and the rule of 16 entry changes the attacker's effective skill level?
Note, this would probably be better asked as a new thread, since it really has very little to do with the original topic, and people are less likely to check an old, long thread, particularly one dredged up from years ago.

Anyway, though, that said, I would not apply the Rule of 16 to TK ST in a grapple, no. The point of the Rule of 16 is so that people can't pump their activation attribute/skill super-high and effectively beat everyone who can't similarly pump their resistance stat. But the Rule of 16 doesn't apply to regular grapples with ST, because a) ST is relatively more expensive to buy up than most resisted abilities, and b) it just doesn't make as much sense - a stronger grappler should be more successful, pretty much indefinitely the stronger they get. Similar considerations apply to TK - relatively cheap ways to buy its effective ST up are rarer (you can't use the Reliable enhancement, for example, and even Talents don't help with this), and in any case, it makes little sense for physical ST to be uncapped for grappling while TK is.
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