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Default Re: Dodging while being levitated by Telekinesis?

Personally, I always reckoned that you do not go by the sound as much as the FEEL of something trying to get hold of you.
Thus, if you have no idea some might be telekinetically grappling you, it is no defense, same as with a surprise attack or other such things, but if you do know (and stupid foes should have to make an INT roll to understand what is happening), you can try to wriggle out, so to say as it is trying to get you or at least move around to be a less easy target.

Personally, I did play with flank plus invisible for ear attacks which you know are coming, but...
I personally think -4 and having to know it is coming at all should suffice.
Further, as an invisible attacker can be ANYTHING, including an invisible shooter and similar, I do not think TK should be more of a special case than anything else.

I usually give the telekinetic one undodgeable attempt agaist every foe who does not know her powers, but once a foe has felt or witnessed it, he can dodge like against an invisible attacker.
I would never allow a parry or block though (which are the defences that need a hearing roll), it just makes no sense to parry a telekinetic force with anything but a power parry or such maybe.
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