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Default Re: What I use for OGRE Storage:

Thank you for the links! Actually, Tim's pics showed up fine. You do mean the ones showing his color coded dice same as the ones in your storage box, right? If so, maybe you have a browser blocker (like NoScript) preventing you from seeing the images.

Anyway, very grateful. Now I need to get those blank colored dice myself so that I can make stickers for them.

Hmmm. While I love the final design, I plan to make one tweak. I think having blue for the 1:2 dice and green for the 1:1 dice would be more appropriate. It's the whole psychological thing. Blue is the quietest, calmest color while graduating up through green, yellow, orange and then red ramps up the alarm quotient. I know I didn't state that well. But I'm sure you get the idea.

Eh, I'm off-topic now. Anyway, thanks again for sharing.
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