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Default Re: How to go about making an Ultra Tech Bow

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
Arrows are just as valid as any other pointy object for Superfine and Hyperdense blades. You have a clear path to bring your pointy sticks up to TL11 standards, if that seems worthwhile (which it might if you've got some kind of power-assist superbow). (I don't remember whether vibroblades work for impaling weapons. If they do, you could have hyperdense vibro arrowheads.)
If the assumption is that the bow is for some purpose where bows are assumed to be a normal weapon(say arms trading or political manipulation in a low TL culture) attaching normal armor piercing bullets to the shaft should do. If it can deal with UT armor, it can probably deal with LT armor. The difference in velocity might be a problem, but it should still be a cheap alternative.
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