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Default Re: How to go about making an Ultra Tech Bow

Originally Posted by Culture20 View Post
Or maybe the bow is made of ultra tech polymers that allow a ST 300 draw, and then there are UT gloves or bracers that use repeller rays to push each other apart, giving the user Super ST for pulling something apart between his hands. The gloves might be common in any upscale UT kitchen, used for cracking open Gryc't'nor shells.
Or the bow could be made of myomer fibers that act like muscles, 'snapping' the bow as the string is released, which I'd probably model as striking strength in the same range as whatever exoskeletons there are in the setting.

Really, I suspect that the bow is going to end up acting (mostly) as a payload rifle, which should give it awesome utility. Make sure they have arrows for every situation, maybe even gadget (arrows only). There isn't any reason that the arrows can't be guided (via computer-controlled fletching or whatever), and if your 'normal' arrows are doing 3d(10) imp damage (and are reusable!), that seems like it's in the same damage range as the guns other people are likely to have.
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