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Default Re: List of all promo cards

Originally Posted by ColBosch View Post
See, but then we have Warehouse 23 and Amazon direct-selling cards with the Promo logo, which further muddies the waters. I include the Vending Machine and Oomba cards on my own personal list of promos.
Yeah, I see your point here, but promo cards were intended to be given away for free to help promote various items, as opposed to cards that are packaged with accessories meant for purchase. When you buy a promo card from Warehouse 23, there's a note there that explains that you aren't paying for the card itself (promo cards are meant to be free), you're paying for the convenience/guarantee of getting a particular card within the free cards that come with your order.

To quote directly: "These are the same cards we give away for free; you are paying for the ability to choose a specific card rather than accepting the whims of fate"

It's a fine line, to be sure, but I try to go with the original intent for the card. Sometimes that may be a bit ambiguous, but as Phil said, the intent behind Warehouse 23 "selling" promos is to help the collecting community.
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