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Default Re: List of all promo cards

Originally Posted by scuba1125 View Post
Thanks! I have removed those cards from this list and added them to the accessory+ card list
Yeah... that's a tough one. I thought about that myself (in how I categorize cards), which now requires us to define "promo" card. Personally, I still consider the Oomba cards promo cards since they can't be purchased and are meant for promotional purposes. This is different from the vending machine cards which could be purchased (or cards that come with various accessories that can be purchased).

While I agree, that typically a "promo card" has the Spyke logo, that's not always the case. Off the top of my head, I can think of several "promo" cards that do not have the Spyke logo:
*Various blank GUAL promo cards (have no logo)
*Henchmonster (version 1) (has no logo)
*Marvel promo cards (have a different logo)
*Adventure Time promo cards (have a different logo)
*GTM related cards (have a different logo)
*Walking Dead Whispers cards (have a different logo)
*Warehouse 23 card (has a different logo)
*Pumpkin King (has a different logo)

Given that not all promo cards have the Spyke logo, and since the Oomba cards did not come with any type of accessory, nor can they be purchased directly, I would lean toward considering them promo cards.

That said, I appreciate the time and effort you've put into maintaining this list for the Munchkin community.
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