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Default Re: Pyramid #3/100: Pyramid Secrets

Discussing Fashion Forward with my GM and he feels more than a +1 is cinematic. Seems like it might be a profitable discussion here so...

I partly agree, though expensive clothing is also about prestige and the right outfit can really increase or lower someones attractiveness level.
So matching to that Attractive +1, Handsome/Beautiful +2, or Handsome/Beautiful with Androgynous or Impressive +3

Those levels and bonuses are not considered Cinematic. So can clothes be that much an upgrade? I currently lean toward yes and not likely to fret about my GMs opinion as I dont see spending *10 for single outfit. A true clotheshorse on the other hand might.
Another thought I had was that higher Status should lower the bonus from a person with lower Status. -1 per difference in level, but not to below 0 and cumulative with normal Status penalties.

Another question not explicitly addressed and I have read it two different ways. The example is a Status 0 outfit and the text references Cost of Living.
So for higher Status and thus higher costs of living does the requirement go up? Or is it against basic standard of living for average wealth? That of course makes it much easier for rich people to look better but that seems reasonable too.

Fashion Sense seems a little underrated here as its basically a +1 craft skill, Sewing or Artist (Fashion) are used examples.
As described in GURPS Basic it is almost like Quick Gadgeteering but just for dressing well and appropriately.
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