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Originally Posted by Mailanka View Post
That's very interesting content. I expect I'll end up using it very shortly. I hope you stick with it!
Thanks for being interested! I got a couple of ideas still I want to get out, don't know which one I want to do for my next GURPS day post.

I got an idea to do an article that expands on the ideas I laid out on using modifiers to add character to weapons to also add character to the setting. Basically come up a couple of corporations, think about the type of weapons they'd design and come of with a list of modifiers that they would give the weapons they build. Basically, Macrotech makes baseline weapons with no modifiers, Fortschritt Corp makes rugged and reliable weapon that cost a bunch but are liked by SWAT and spec ops, Oosthuizen Ldt makes advanced but less reliable tech and so on.

My other one idea is to do to battlesuits what this article did to plasma weapons.

But if you want some help designing weapons let me know, I love this kind of stuff heh.

But anywho, keep at your Psi-Wars stuff. While I'm not too keen on super cinematic games I have liked some of your starships tweaks and how you expanded on Langly's robot system.
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