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Default Re: Mind Control and Body Control Spells vs Elder Things in DF

Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
Magic, p 35: "Except as noted, [body control spells] only affect living beings."
Excellent reason.

The rest, not so much.

Basic p 81, definition of Metabolic hazards: "Metabolic Hazards (all threats that only affect the living, including all disease and poison, plus such syndromes as altitude sickness, bends, seasickness, and jet lag)."
So.. all mundane metabolic hazards. Most distinctly not "and Magic makes you Fumble your sword".

As I said... I can see an argument for Nauseate not affecting most Undead (leaving aside the above explicit reason from pg 35). But not Elder Things or creatures that still eat but have IMH.

Or does Resistant to Metabolic Hazards give it's bonus to the Resistance roll as well? (Note I disagree that it should)

So Body Control spells, by definition, don't generally affect the undead, golems, or machines. It's pretty reasonable to say that IMH gives fairly complete immunity to them, aside from specific exemptions like Death Touch or Hinder.*

* I would accept arguments that Rooted Feet and Tanglefoot should also affect undead, golems, and the like but that Magic just had poor editing in places.
I disagree with that the bolded section is reasonable at all. I suspect you are inferring a connection that does not exist.

Would you allow an Ogre PC to be (mostly) Immune to the Body Control college simply because they took IMH?

Ogres still breath, is our above Ogre PC immune to the Choke spell?

Again, I can see taking specific spells (Nauseate, Hunger, Thirst, etc) and saying, no, those spells don't affect this creature for *reasons*, even if said creature didn't have Advantages to specifically work against it (a Living Flesh Golem that subsists on Electricity, DE/D but requires Lightning spells (or to stand around in lightning storms) cast at it periodically), but not "IMH makes you immune to Body Control spells because Undead are immune to Body Control spells and have IMH".
Feel free to steal, borrow, fold, spindle, mutilate any rule, advantage, etc I come up with it.
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