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Default Re: [RPM] Post your rituals here

Originally Posted by zoncxs View Post
Would this be OK?

Undead Trap
Spell Effects:Lesser Control Undead + Lesser Sense Undead.
Inherent Modifiers:Area of Effect, bestow a penalty
Greater Effects:0 (x1).

This is a ward (pp. 24-25) against undead, ususally cast as a conditional spell. It only activates if an undead enters the warded area. Once triggered, the ward will hold the undead in the area for the duration (or until broken through).

Typical Casting:Lesser Control Magic (5) + Lesser Control Undead (5) + Lesser Sense Undead (2) + Area of Effect, 3 yards (2) + bestow a penalty -4 To resist ward (8) + Duration, 10 minutes (1). 23 energy (231)
Looks good to me.
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