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Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
11a) But if the firearm ever turns up as evidence at a crime scene or ballistics evidence matches a firearm in possession of someone with evidence of a crime, they can find out who originally bought it?

If someone had gotten a Conceal Carry Permit in Maine in 1985-1988 (or earlier), would the State Police, Sheriff's Office or local Police Department have any information on what kind of firearm(s) that person owned at the time?

What about hunting licences? Did you have to show anyone or generate any paperwork for a gun legal on the type of animal in question when you applied for a licence to take deer, elk or bear?
If the cops have a weapon and a serial number, I think they could apply for a warrant against the manufacturer, get who the manufacturer sold the weapon to, and repeat the process.

Concealed Carry Permits are issued for a person, not a weapon. So the cops don't know what firearms you own when you apply for the license.

I can't speak for Maine, but I can speak for Texas and I suspect it's similar: licenses are sold in stores that sell hunting goods (I usually buy mine at Academy, which is a local hunting/camping/fishing/sporting goods retailer). The clerks don't check if I own appropriate weapons and as a point of fact I don't own the right weapons for deer-hunting. (I have to buy a general license with some upgrades to go pheasant hunting, but I don't go deer hunting so that portion of the license is unused.)
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