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Default House Rules...

I didn't read anything in the stickies against posting this and I haven't seen a related thread, so here goes...

Figured I'd start a thread for house rules so everyone can share the interesting (or possibly intelligent) rules people use. Thought I, or others, might find some nice house rules they would like to adopt.

My rules:

Kneepads of Allure: You may roll a 6 sided die and on a 5 or 6, you resist their charm for this combat.

Chicken on your head: If you get the chicken on your head, you must actually place a chicken on your head until the curse is removed (coincidentally, I have a funny-looking, bean-stuffed chicken that works perfect for this... and it even looks kinda of munchkinly)

Coins: I have a bunch of cheap plastic party coins (treasure chest on one side and skull and crossbones on the other) that are gold in color. Every player starts with ten and may turn in 20 for a level. They may be used at any time for bargaining. You receive 1 coin per monster you kill or defeat or any monster you help kill or defeat. The level gained cannot be the winning level. Usually, only one person gets a level benefit from this, so its not powerful at all.
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