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Default Two Player Game Rules

I have come up with two player rules for Munchkin and wondered if any of you have had similar rules drawn up. As fun as multi-player munchkin schedules only permit us to have a group game once a week so we find that if we want to play together two player rules were necessary. Do any of you have similar rules for two player Munchkin?

Two Player Game Rules

Each player gets 3 coins and there is usually an empty box on the table.

Coins are used to get someones help during combat and they are no allowed to ask for treasure or interfere with the combat.

A coin can only be used if there are no cards currently played on the monster by your opponent. Once a coin has landed in the box, your opponent can do nothing to interfere in the combat. You can only play a coin if if you can beat the monster with the other persons help; including using cards but from your side only (no using a coin to force both of you to run away and face the bad stuff or force your opponent to use his own resources). You also may not use a coin to win the game. Once a coin has been played you also may not enhance the monster to for instance get more treasure, the monster must be defeated as is.

Your coins can also be used to make an item safe from theft. To do this place a coin on the item, once placed a thief cannot take it from you; it can still be lost through other means such as Curses and Bad Stuff.

You can move a coin to different items anytime except if a player plays a card to make an item stealable (Big Handles or Shrinking Powder) you can only use the coin to stop his attempt after he is done his turn.

When using a coin the only card that can be played against you is the Potion of Apathy since this card is rendered useless in a two-player game.

If a player plays a card that could potentially affect more then one person but by default is only affecting the opponent the players roll off; if the opponent gets a higher roll it has no affect.

In an epic game each player is given 5 coins to use as they wish.
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