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Default Re: Too Long Between Turns

Originally Posted by Progmode
Sorry, now I'm a bit confused. I guess your comment about increasing the pace of the game implied that it was shortened by your house rules. Instead, the house rules had no effect on length, but instead gave players less to do more often? In other words, your rules give each player more, shortened turns than the house rules, but still the same number of actions over the course of the game?
Yup. The length stays the same, but the pace increases. Basically, the same amount of stuff needs to happen in order for someone to reach level 10. But instead of taking 3 long turns over 150 minutes, each player is instead taking an average of 10 shorter turns over 150 minutes.

So instead of waiting 50 minutes before your next turn you're waiting about 15 minutes.

Makes a huge difference.
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