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Thor, god of hammers
350 ST 45
60 DX 13
20 IQ 11
40 HT 14
5 Speed 7

12 Appearance (Handsome)
15 Combat Reflexes
15 DR 5 (Tough Skin -40%)
10 High Pain Threshold
101 IA 4d burn (Lightning Storm; 1 fatigue/use -5%; Area 32 yd +250%; Overhead +30%; Selective +20%; Surge +20%; Variable +5%)
50 IT:DR/2
10 Regeneration (Slow)
10 Status (Asgardian Price)
15 Talent: Born War Leader 3
39 Universal Understanding (Mind Reading; Hearing Based -20%; Universal +50%)
15 Very Fit

Hammer: Mjolnir / Stormbreaker (Stolen -5%; Unique -25%)
43 DB +2 (Hammer -30%)
45 Enhanced Move 5 (Flight; Top Speed 448 yds/sec ~900mph; All Out -25%; Hammer -30%)
18 Flight (All Out -25%; Hammer -30%)
8 Imbue 3 (2 Skills -60%; Hammer -30%)

-5 Overconfident

41 Brawling-13 (DX) [1]; Carousing-14 (HT) [2]; Knight!-14 (WC+1) [36]; Wrestling-14 (DX) [2]
16 Imbuements: Electric Weapon-12 (Hammer, DX+0) [4]; Project Blow-14 (Hammer, DX+1) [12];

933 Total

Designer's Notes
This is more of the movie version of Thor (if you hadn't guessed by the hammer comment) minus the ability to jump between worlds (which was more of a plot device than a personal advantage).

He's strong and does a respectable 9d with his fists or 9d+3 (mace) with either of his magic hammers. I adjusted the hammer to be more like an (practically) unbreakable shield, Supers style that uses Axe/Mace (granted as part of Knight!). It's simple and seemingly within the normal rules.

He can't do much lightning stuff if he somehow loses his hammer, and that's mostly crowd control. I also restricted his flight pretty heavily. He can maneuver and attack, but not actively defend while using it for propulsion. He can do electrical damage with the hammer instead of physical damage (Electric Weapon), effectively throw it (Project Blow), or throw a lightning blast (Project Blow & Electric Weapon at the same time). Imbues cost 1 fatigue/use so he mostly use melee with those sprinkled in as necessary.

The talent should offset the relatively normal IQ for the IQ uses of Knight.

Since he seems to understand any language (even Groot) I borrowed half of Universal Translator from Powers. Someone that's been kicking around the galaxy for thousands of years has hopefully learned enough to know what others are getting at.

I've never used Asgardians in a game, but I'd make the racial template: ST30, DR 2 (Tough Skin), Fit, and Regeneration (Slow). I usually don't add
racial skills, but carousing and military training (weapon skill & soldier) seem universal for that society.

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